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aespa Karina Shows Affection for Ningning: “I Want a Daughter Like Her, Her Face Is Adorable”

aespa Karina expressed her deep fondness for fellow member Ningning.

On May 18th, episode 8 of “Eunchae’s Star Diary” with the guest appearance of aespa Karina and Ningning was uploaded on the YouTube channel KBS Kpop.

In this episode, Karina and Eunchae had a witty conversation with LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae

When Eunchae asked Karina, “What kind of maknae is Ningning?” Karina replied, “In our team, we get along like real close friends.


Karina continued, saying, “I’ve said many times that I want to have a daughter like Ningning. Every time I say that, Ningning says, ‘No. (If I were your daughter), it would be tough.’

As for the reason why she wants Ningning as her daughter, Karina explained, “She has a lot of aegyo (cute actions) in daily life,” and expressed her unique affection for aespa’s maknae, saying, “Her appearance itself looks cute like aegyo.

Hearing this, Ningning said, “I feel loved.” When asked if she ever wants to become an older sister to her members, Ningning replied, “No, I don’t. It seems like it would be too bothersome.

Eunchae then asked Karina, “Is it bothersome?” and Karina, the oldest member of aespa, answered with a smile, saying, “No, I am happy. It’s good.”

Then, Ningning made a hilarious comment about Karina, saying, “At first, she has a cool and slightly haughty image, but when you talk to her, she feels like a real ahjussi (middle-aged man).” 

Source: Daum

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