aespa Karina showed sexy physique even in simple clothes 

Karina, a member of girl group aespa, revealed an alluring charm during the group’s 2nd anniversary live broadcast. 

On November 17th, aespa held a live broadcast on Instagram to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of their debut. The girl group had a good time interacting with fans for about an hour.

In the live, aespa members expressed their gratitude for their fans by reading the comments sections and hosting a Q&A session.

aespa instagram

On this day, the members appeared with styling that greatly highlighted their charms. Among them, Karina drew attention by appearing in a tight-fitting top and a black cardigan.

This is because Karina usually wore clothes that could highlight her long height and slender figure rather than clothes that showed off her curves.

aespa instagram

Seeing this new side of Karina, fans showed their surprise by saying, “She has matured beyond recognition.”

After the live broadcast, several photos taken on the same day were uploaded to aespa’s Instagram account. In the photos, aespa members can be seen making various poses such as the peace sign.

aespa instagram

On the other hand, the 4th generation girl group aespa, which debuted in November 2020, is continuing their hot popularity with successive hits such as “Black Mamba” and “Next Level”. They also released their 2nd album “Girls” in July. 

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