aespa Karina reveals why she will never have blonde hair again

Karina, a member of aespa, said that “Spicy” will be her last time going blonde and disclosed the reason. 

On the May 18th episode of YouTube content “Eunchae’s Star Dairy”, aespa Karina and Ningning appeared as guests and showed off their witty remarks.

LE SSERAFIM Hong Eunchae, who led the show, said she was excited to meet aespa, saying, “I’m such a huge fan of them”.


On the show, aespa mentioned their new song “SPICY” and said they love the chorus part the most. Karina and Ningning also brought smiles by briefly demonstrating the dance part of the chorus section. Then, Hong Eunchae introduced her group’s concept by following the dance somewhat violently, causing laughter around her.

Meanwhile, Karina, who had dramatically transformed to blonde for “Spicy”, confessed about her unsaid difficulties.


“My hair was dark colored all the time, so I changed it to blonde”, the female idol said, before being asked if she likes blonde or dark hair better.

To this, Karina firmly answered, “I totally prefer dark hair. I don’t think I’ll go blonde ever after this”, adding, “This is the last time!”

According to Karina, her hair became so damaged after bleaching, it resembled a “burnt sparrow” whenever she came out from a shower. “When I dry my hair, I can see it flying away”, the female idol also revealed. 


Meanwhile, Ningning, who was next to Karina, nodded her head vehemently, resolutely confirming Karina’s blonde hair troubles.

Afterwards, aespa introduced themselves as “foodie” who have big appetites. Regarding this, Karina said, “We eat a lot. When we were at a group meeting for a meal, they said we eat more than male trainees even though we were less in number.” 

She also surprises Eunchae by revealing that aespa can eat about 3,000,000 won worth of food. 

On the other hand, Hong Eunchae revealed that LE SSERAFIM are “picky eaters”, who like either salad or rice. While Eunchae and Sakura are on the “rice team”, they often just order one portion to share, and not finish it, Eunchae revealed, rendering aespa speechless. 

Source: Insight

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