aespa impresses netizens with ‘dolphin shorts’ styling in the MV of pre-release song “Welcome To MY World”

Ahead of their official comeback, aespa already flutters male fans’ hearts with their recent visuals in dolphin shorts.

At 6 p.m. on May 3rd, SM Entertainment uploaded on its official Youtube channel ‘SMTOWN’ the music video titled “aespa ‘Welcome To MY World (Feat. nævis)”

Earlier on April 8th, SM Entertainment announced that aespa will release their third mini album “MY WORLD”.

The pre-release song “Welcome To MY World” is an alternative pop song that combines the sounds of dreamy guitar riffs and grand orchestra performances. nævis, who appears in aespa’s worldview as a helper, also participates as a featuring artist and adds more charms to the song.


Apart from the fun melody of the song, “Welcome To MY World” MV also satisfied viewers by showcasing the upgraded visuals of aespa members. In particular, aespa’s styling and outfits in the music enough caught the eyes of many male fans.

In the video, aespa members all wore dolphin shorts, a kind of sportswear. It was a popular item in Japan in the 80s~90s. In Korea, many girl groups have been wearing it since 2010. 


In fact, dolphin shorts were considered the “best/ most attractive fashion” for women among men. 

aespa’s pre-release song “Welcome To MY World” music video spread through various online communities and SNS sites, arousing explosive reactions from K-pop fans and netizens.


Some commented, “SM used their cheat key”, “It will definitely captivate aespa’s male fans”, “I’m really looking forward to their new stages”, etc.

Source: Insight 

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