“Actresses born in 1994” Han So Hee, Jeon Jong Seo and Park Joo Hyun expected to continue the success of Tae-Hye-Ji trio

Fans raise high expectations for So-Jong-Joo to become top actresses in the Korean film industry like their seniors Tae-Hye-Ji.

Tae-Hye-Ji (Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo and Jeon Ji Hyun) are still showing off their influence as top actresses with their outstanding visuals, amazing acting skills and star qualities. The three, who made hot topics just with their names, are already over 40. Therefore, netizens have found young stars born in 1994 to succeed Tae-Hye-Ji, who were born in the early 80s.

First, there’s Han So Hee. Han So Hee made her debut in 2017 through SBS’s “Reunited Worlds” then imprinted her presence after playing Yeo Da Kyung in JTBC’s 2020 drama “The World of the Married”. Challenging a difficult role of a mistress, Han So Hee proved her attractiveness and performed impressive acting in the scene where she faced senior actress Kim Hee Ae. As a result, Han So Hee successfully expressed the narrative of a woman who has an affair in detail and triggered viewers’ anger.

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Later, Han So Hee presented her opposite charms in JTBC’s “Nevertheless” and Netflix series “My Nam”. In “Nevertheless”, she played Yoo Na Bi, who does not believe in love but wants to date. Meanwhile, she appeared as Ji Woo, who enters a drug organization to take revenge for her father’s death, in “My Name” and gained favorable reviews for her intense action acting. With these two works, Han So Hee proved her potential and skills as an actress who can do all genres.

Jeon Jong Seo debuted with a leading role in the movie “Burning” (2018) directed by Lee Chang Dong and quickly emerged as a Chungmuro blue chip. Showing perfect chemistry with actors Yoo Ah In and Steven Yeun in “Burning”, Jeon Jong Seo impressed viewers with her unique color and solid acting despite being a rookie actress. In particular, the scene where she performs a dance without wearing a top was considered one of the most excellent scenes in “Burning”. Expressing Hae Mi, a mysterious girl with an empty soul, as natural as if it was her own self, Jeon Jong Seo drew sympathy and compliments from movie fans.

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Her next acting project was Netflix’s film “The Call” (director Lee Chung Hyun) released in 2020. The young actress once again wowed everyone with her amazing performance. Playing psychopath killer Oh Young Sook, Jeon Jong Seo reveals her existence in the middle of the story and increased viewers’ immersion with her extreme emotional acting. After then, she made various transformations through Jung Ga Yeong’s movie “Nothing Serious” and Netflix series “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area”. Jeon Jong Seo is expected to return to the big screen with “Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon”, a Hollywood movie that was invited to the Competition section at the 78th Venice International Film Festival.

Park Joo Hyun, who debuted in tvN’s “Drama Stage: My Wife’s Bed” in 2019, made a deep impression with her role of Bae Gyu Ri in the 2020 Netflix series “Extracurricular”. Bae Gyu Ri is a character who looks proper and pretty, yet is secretly rebellious, harbors hatred for her parents, and willing to commit crimes. It is known that Park Joo Hyun auditioned for this role over the course of 3 months.

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Since then, Park Joo Hyun has been meeting viewers through dramas such as KBS 2TV’s “Zombie Detective”, tvN’s “Mouse”, KBS 2TV’s “Love All Play”, and MBC’s “The Forbidden Marriage”. Having built up her skills through various challenges, from crime thrillers to youth romances and historical dramas, the actress will be appearing on the big screen with her first movie lead role in “Drive”. Attention is being focused on the thrilling portrayal that will be delivered by Park Joo Hyun as popular streamer Han Yu Na, who is trapped in the trunk of a car speeding through the city center.

Han So Hee, Jeon Jong Seo, and Park Joo Hyun are three actresses born in 1994, who all received instant recognition for their acting skills soon after debut, coining the highly-anticipated trio of “So Jong Joo”. Currently, they are all on a winning streak, but to prove themselves worthy as the successor of Tae-Hye-Ji, their future progress is an important factor. To succeed the reputation of Tae-Hye-Ji, the three actresses have to grow little by little, challenge themselves, and break their own limits to keep their place at the top.

Expectations are high that So-Jong-Joo will be able to reign for a long time as the successors of Tae-Hye-Ji.

Source: Daum

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