Actress Sung Yu-ri gave birth to twin daughters

Sung Yu-ri recently became the mother of twin daughters.

Sung Yu-ri‘s agency Initial Entertainment said on January 8th, “We would like to deliver good news about Sung Yu-ri,” adding, “Sung Yu-ri gave birth to twin daughters at a hospital in Seoul today.”

“Sung Yu-ri and the babies are both healthy and stable in the care of their families,” the agency said. “Thank you for your generous interest in Sung Yu-ri, who has just welcomed the two precious lives to her family, and we ask for your warm support.”

Sung Yu-ri

Sung Yu-ri also expressed her feelings through her agency. Sung Yu-ri said, “After a long wait, I got to hold my two daughters in my arms, and I’m so happy and grateful. Many people are congratulating me on the news of my babies’ birth. I sincerely thank you. I will raise my two daughters healthy and pretty as much as you have blessed them,” she continued, “As a parent and as an actor, I will take responsibility and come back with a better appearance, so please wait a little bit.”

Meanwhile, Sung Yu-ri married professional golfer-turned-golf coach Ahn Sung-hyun, who was of the same age, in 2017. In mid-July, she revealed her pregnancy of the twins and announced that she became a mother soon, drawing attention.

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