“I canceled my weekend appointment to watch it”… A webtoon-based drama received explosive responses as soon as it was released

It has only been a day since “Weak Hero Class 1” was released, but it already received explosive responses.

Immediately after its release, Wavve’s original drama “Weak Hero Class 1” quickly topped the list of paid drama subscribers in 2022.

Weak Hero Class 1-park-ji-hoon

In addition, as it is broadcast simultaneously on “KOCOWA” in the Americas and on iQIYI in Taiwan/the Americas, overseas fans are also “going crazy”.

“Weak Hero Class 1” is a strong action and coming-of-age drama depicting the process of weak boy Yeon Si Eun, who is the top 1% model student at school, confronting numerous bullies together with his new friends Su Ho and Beom Seok.

Weak Hero Class 1

With the appearance of outstanding new actors such as Park Ji Hoon, Choi Hyun Wook, Hong Kyung, Shin Seung Ho, Lee Yeon as well as the collaboration of talented director Yoo Soo Min and creator Han Joon Hee, expectations were high even before the release.

Weak Hero Class 1-park-ji-hoon

“Weak Hero Class 1”, which was released on Wavve on Nov 18th, captivated viewers at once by showing Yeon Si Eun (Park Ji Hoon), who knew nothing but studying, overcome the crisis and grow together with Su Ho (Choi Hyun Wook) and Beom Seok (Hong Kyung) as a story with a solid development structure.

In particular, Yeon Si Eun’s intelligent fighting skills using his excellent brain to the fullest, and extremely realistic action scenes opened a new horizon for K-school action works.

Those who watched the work are pouring out explosive reactions.

Netizens praised, “I canceled my weekend appointment to watch it“, “There’s nothing missing from its story, actors to visual beauty“, “I couldn’t stop. I binge-watched it“…

Weak Hero Class 1-park-ji-hoon

“Weak Hero Class 1” is attracting more sympathy because it is extremely realistic. Through the relationship between Si Eun, Su Ho and Beom Seok, you can get a glimpse of the worries and stories that anyone may have experienced at least once in their adolescence, such as the bond with friends, the sense of belonging to an organization and the desire to take a step forward for a better future.

Weak Hero Class 1-park-ji-hoon

Another point viewers should focus on is the fact that it has a fresh and original action beauty that has not been seen anywhere else.

“Weak Hero Class 1”, the best well-made work in the second half of 2022 with impressive story, directing, acting and action scenes, can be enjoyed on Wavve.

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