Actress Seol In-ah to release her first song next month

Seol In-ah will release her first song produced by Monotree producer.

According to a report by Star News on June 30th, Seol In-ah will present a project song in collaboration with MARHEN.J., a vegan fashion she is modeling for, on July 8th.

The project song was produced by Hwang Hyun, the main producer of Monotree who participated in making albums of famous K-pop singers such as SEVENTEEN, SHINee, ONF, and LOONA. The music video, which will be unveiled together with the digital release, was directed by Sunny Visual’s Yoo Seong-kyun, who directed music videos for top singers, such as aespa, IU, and Oh My Girl.

seol in ah

This song is a city pop style track with refreshing chorus session, bass and guitar riff. It is said that Seol In-ah performed the concept of the song with her clear voice and amazing singing skills as perfect as a singer. Accordingly, Seol In-ah also appeared in the music video and showed off her sensuous and sophisticated visual that suits the atmosphere of the song really well, raising high expectations. 

Seol In-ah, who recently received huge love for her cool and lovely side in the drama “Business Proposal”, is expected to reveal her unique charm through her first music release since her debut. The song will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m on July 8th, and the music video will be uploaded on the official Youtube channel of MARHEN.J. on the same day.

Source: Daum

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