“Penthouse” actress Na So-ye got banned from appearing on TV and joining entertainment activities by her agency

According to XSports News’s reports on January 1st, Na So-ye’s agency, Name Value Stars, recently filed an injunction against Na So-ye to ban her from appearing on the TV or participating in any entertainment activities. Other officials revealed that during promotion activities after her debut through “Penthouse”, Na So-ye carried out her own activities, such as personally deciding on appearing in advertisements.

Na So-ye banned from broadcasting

Accordingly, the agency received a decision from the court on December 9th to cite Na So-ye’s application for an injunction to ban her appearance on TV and entertainment activities. The court said, “Na So-ye should not push ahead with entertainment activities other than her agency Name Value Stars.”

Na So-ye banned from broadcasting

Citing remarks from Na So-ye’s agency, on the same day, Newsen reported that Na So-ye is breaking her exclusive contract to carry out personal activities. Na So-ye played Joo Hye-in, the fake daughter of Shim Su-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah), in SBS’s Penthouse last year. She also appeared in the movie “Shark: The Beginning”.


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