“It turns out this star was born in a wealthy family”: Lee Sang-soon topped the list, Tzuyu and Jang Won-young were respectively No.3 and No.4

Netizens selected Lee Sang-soon as No.1 for the “It turns out this star was born in a wealthy family” list.

It turns out this star was born in a wealthy family

According to “Exciting DC“, which is operated by community portal site DC Inside (CEO Kim Yoo-sik) and taste search company MyCelebs, Lee Sang-soon topped the “It turns out this star was born in a wealthy family” list. The voting was held for a total of 7 days from December 26th to January 1st.

Lee Sang-soon

Taking 1st place with 364 votes (18.60%) out of 1,957 votes, Lee Sang-soon was greatly loved by the public as he married singer Lee Hyo-ri in 2013 and appeared on JTBC’s entertainment show “Hyori’s Homestay“. Lee Sang-soon, who recently appeared in Netflix’s “The Hungry and the Hairy”, drew attention as he was revealed to be the maternal nephew of Haeundae Amsogalbi-jip’s CEO. This restaurant was originally run by Lee Sang-soon‘s maternal grandfather. His uncle is currently operating it after taking over the family business.

Ham Yeon-ji

Musical actress Ham Yeon-ji came in second with 253 votes (12.93%). She is known as the eldest daughter of Ottogi Chairman Ham Young-joon as well as a “third-generation chaebol” celebrity. Ham Yeon-ji, who is also active as a YouTuber, once appeared on her own broadcast with her father. She is receiving positive responses for revealing her chaebol family’s natural and easy-going daily life.


Third place was Tzuyu with 117 votes (5.98%). Tzuyu, who debuted as a member of girl group TWICE in 2015, is not only known for her outstanding looks but also for having grown up in a wealthy family. According to a TV show in the past, Tzuyu‘s parents are successfully heading up several large-scale plastic surgery clinics and cafes.

Besides, the following positions belonged to Jang Won-young, Lia and Jung Hae-in.


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