Actress Hwang Jung-eum gave birth to her second son today, “Mother and son are all healthy”

Hwang Jung-eum (37 years old) welcomed her second son today (March 16th).

According to Hwang Jung-eum’s agency C-Jest Entertainment on March 16th, “Hwang Jung-em gave birth to her second son this morning”, adding, “Both mother and son are in good health condition at the moment” The agency added, “We hope everyone will show support for Hwang Jung-eum, who has just welcomed a new family member. The actress will greet the viewers with more good works in the future”.

Hwang Jung-eun second child

Hwang Jung-eum married professional golfer – businessman Lee Young-don in 2016 and gave birth to her first in 2017. In September 2020, the news of the actress applying for a divorce settlement with her husband was reported. However, in July last year, the agency said, “During divorce mediation, Hwang Jung-um realized the differences in the two’s positions and decided to continue the husband-wife relationship through deep conversations”.

Hwang Jung-eun second child

The news of Hwang Jung-eum’s second pregnancy was then revealed in October last year, and she already held her second child in her arms today.

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