Actress Hwang Jung-eum announced her 2nd pregnancy after her reunition with Lee Young-don

Actress Hwang Jung-eum is reportedly pregnant with her 2nd child.

According to TVdaily on Oct 12th, Hwang Jung-eum recently became pregnant with her second child.

Her husband, Lee Young-don, and other family members are happily waiting for the birth of her second child, and the actress is making every effort to relax and focus on prenatal care as she is still in the early stages of pregnancy.

Hwang Jung-eum got married a month after officially admitting her romantic relationship with Lee Young-don in 2016. In August of the following year, the two became parents to their first son.

Hwang Jung-eum

In September last year, four years after their marriage, the couple each went their own ways after submitting the applications for divorce mediation to the Seongnam branch of Suwon District Court.

Since then, Hwang Jung-eum and Lee Young-don have agreed to understand the differences in their positions during divorce mediation and continue their relationship after deep discussions. Since then, they have become a hot topic as they were seen spending a happy daily life after reuniting, such as traveling to the U.S. together.

Hwang Jung-eum

Meanwhile, Hwang Jung-eum made her debut as a “Sugar” member in 2001. She then turned into an actress after her departure from Sugar in 2004, after which she started to appear in “High Kick Through the Roof,” “Giant,” “Can You Hear My Heart,” “Golden Time,” “Secret,” “Kill Me Hill Me,” “She Was Pretty,” “Mystic Pop-up Bar” and “Men are Men.”

Hwang Jung-eum’s husband, Lee Young-don, is well-known as a former professional golfer and businessman.

Source: Nate

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