Actor Sung-hoon, “I only tried to make it fun, sorry for the inconvenience”

While actor Sung-hoon is being criticized for his unsanitary, unmannered, and broadcasting attitude controversy in “Lined Up Restaurant,” his agency announced its position.

On August 10th, a representative from Sung-hoon‘s agency told Ten Asia, “We admit he did act excessively at some part because he was trying to make it fun,” adding, “We are sorry for making the viewers feel uncomfortable. We will be more careful from now on,” they said.


Sung-hoon appeared on tvN’s “Lined Up Restaurant,” which aired earlier on August 8th. “Lined Up Restaurant” is a show in which the cast goes to restaurants so popular that people need to stand in line to go in.


In the mentioned episode, Sung-hoon said, “Do we have to keep the camera around until it’s our turn? Wow. Come with me,” before trying to drag Park Na-rae away. He added, “If there are at least one or two waiting people in front, I will just go to the next restaurant right away.”

After entering the restaurant, Sung-hoon triggered the viewers with his unsanitary behavior. He grilled the meat with tongs on a shared grill and put the tongs into his mouth, then proceeded to grill the meat again with the same tongs. In addition, Sung-hoon also shook his head hard in front of the food and shook off his sweat.

Source: daum

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