Accused of gold-digging and plastic surgery abuse, this actress boasts gorgeous visuals again

A Korean actress, who once allegedly got her beauty “ruined” due to plastic surgery, has recovered her stunning beauty. 

Born in 1981, Jung Ryeo Won originally debuted as a singer in the early 2000s. It is known she was street-casted thanks to her visuals, though after 4 years of activities, her group, Chakra, ended up disbanding. In 2005, Jung Ryeo Won gained recognition by playing a role in the sitcom “Hello Franceska”. Then, within the same year, she achieved a big breakthrough after appearing in “My Lovely Sam Soon” alongside Kim Sun Ah, Hyun Bin, and Daniel Henney. Despite only playing a supporting role, the actress managed to shine just as bright as the main character. 

Jung Ryeo Won
Jung Ryeo Won and Hyun Bin 

Gorgeous as she is, however, Jung Ryeo Won was suspected of over-using plastic surgery, leading to declining beauty. In 2015, her appearance, which boasts a lot of noticeable changes, became a hot topic. 

Jung Ryeo Won
Jung Ryeo Won’s changed appearance, which was suspected to be a consequence of plastic surgery

In 2021, Jung Ryeo Won and her friend, Son Dam Bi, were accused of being gold-diggers and having relationships with businessman Kim. It is reported that Kim was arrested for fraud, intimidation, and violence in April 2021, and investigations revealed that the man spent a hefty sum to buy luxury items for Jung Ryeo Won and Son Dam Bi. 

Buried in criticism from the public, Son Dam Bi and Jung Ryeo Won’s side released official statements, refuting claims of the two stars gold-digging Mr. Kim. According to Jung Ryeo Won’s company, the actress knows the businessman, but has never received money from him nor participated in his fraud behaviors. However, even after the clarification, Jung Ryeo Won was called a “gold-digger” for years on end, and her career also suffered. 

Now, at the age of 42, Jung Ryeo Won seems to have “resurrected” her beauty. The actress looks extremely youthful, and even her popularity sees signs of recovery. 

On February 10th, 2023, she donated 50 million won through World Vision to assist the victims of the 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake.

Jung Ryeo Won
Jung Ryeo Won
Jung Ryeo Won
Jung Ryeo Won’s visuals at age 42 

Source: k14

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