Abs reveal…? G-Dragon uploaded a shocking ‘photo’ to Instagram

G-Dragon (Big Bang) unveiled his hidden abs in a new Instagram story. 

G-Dragon posted a photo on his Instagram story on the 10th without any captions.

In the released photo, G-Dragon was taking a selfie with an unbuttoned flannel shirt.

Image: G-Dragon’s Instagram

The power of G-Dragon’s self-management and strict regime clearly showed its fruits. He boasted a toned body with solid abs and no extra body fat. 

For a long time, G-Dragon has consistently maintained a slim figure. In an extreme, the rapper caused fans to worry with a paper-thin figure in recent public appearances.

Image: News1

In the latest news, Big Bang released “Still Life” in May and G-Dragon recently left for France to attend the Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Source: wikitree

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