Abby Choi’s murder case: Ex-mother-in-law’s DNA found at the scene

The bail application for the ex-mother-in-law who helped murder suspects escape in Hong Kong socialite-model Abby Choi’s murder case was dismissed.

On May 8th, Chinese media, including HK01, reported that while Abby Choi‘s ex-husband Alex Kwong and three of his family members were charged with murder and obstruction of official duties, the DNA of the ex-mother-in-law, who was accused of helping her three sons escape, was found at the murder scene.

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On May 8th, the Hong Kong court held a trial for a total of 6 people: 3 murder suspects and 3 other people who helped the suspects escape, including Abby Choi’s ex-mother-in-law Jenny Li Sui-heung. At the trial, Alex Kwong, his father and uncle were charged with murder, while Alex Kwong’s mother and Abby Choi’s ex-mother-in-law Jenny Li Sui-heung was charged with attempting to destroy evidence.

The prosecution dismissed Jenny Li Sui-heung’s bail application, saying that DNA such as bloodstains found in the car carrying Abby Choi and bones found in the pot matched those of the deceased, and Jenny Li Sui-heung’s DNA was additionally found on clothes at the murder scene. The possibility that Jenny Li Sui-heung was more deeply involved in the case rather than simply helping the suspects escape cannot be ruled out.

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Meanwhile, it is reported that there are about 30 more tools that need DNA testing, such as saw, chain saw, knife, hammer and kitchen tools found at the scene.

Last February, Hong Kong socialite Abby Choi was found murdered with her headless body discovered at a village in Tai Po, a suburb in Hong Kong. Some of her body parts were hidden inside a refrigerator and some of them were cooked. A total of 7 suspects have been arrested so far for the murder of Abby Choi: her ex-husband, his brother and parents, the alleged mistress of her ex-father-in-law and two others.

Abby Choi married her ex-husband Alex Kwong, with whom she had one son and one daughter, but divorced after 3 years. She later remarried to the son of a restaurant chain founder.

Source: Nate

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