A top singer spotted at her daughter’s sports competition… Her passionate appearance drew attention

Singer Baek Ji-young was recently seen playing passionately at the sports competition her daughter participated in.

Baek Ji-young posted a short video on her Instagram on September 30th along with the caption “It’s a sports competition my daughter joined, but her mother was so passionate. Can you find where I am?”

The released video shows parents gathering in a circle and catching a huge ball with a red cloth. 

In particular, Baek Ji-young, who wore a blue T-shirt and neon sneakers, was seen trying hard to catch the ball by raising the cloth high as if her feet were about to lift off the ground. 

Netizens who watched the video commented, “Unnie, is that your sports competition?”, “That person with neon sneakers is clearly you”, “You’re the most passionate person there. I can see it clearly”, etc.

Baek Ji-young married actor Jung Seok-won, who is 9 years younger than her, in 2013 and has a daughter.

Source: wikitree

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