A staff of ‘I-LAND’ positive for COVID-19, Mnet cancels all remaining schedules

Having one employee confirmed positive for the Corona virus affected the entire ‘I-LAND’ show.

Today (August 14), Dispatch published an exclusive article stating that a staff member of the cleaning team of the survival show ‘I-LAND’ was confirmed to have COVID-19.

Accordingly, on August 12, this staff went to the set of ‘I-LAND’ to clean up. While working, this person was wearing a mask and no one else was present at the studio at that time. Not long after that, because of being on the list of contact with infected people, this staff went to test. The result confirmed that this person was positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Right after hearing the news, Mnet decided to cancel the rest of ‘I-LAND’s’ remaining filming schedule. In addition, 12 interns and all staffs will have to be tested for Corona virus. The people involved in the show have canceled their own schedules and are quarantining themselves. Currently, the production team is waiting for test results.

An insider shared: “Health authorities are now conducting epidemiological checks on the cleaning team. We will soon have details on all the places this patient has gone to and all the people he has met.’

Yesterday (August 14), the 7th episode of ‘I-LAND’ aired. Accordingly, the program announced the top 12 faces that were able to be in the second part of the show before they competed together to find the final debut lineup. The representative from Vietnam, Hanbin also passed “very closely”. However, with the current situation, perhaps the next broadcast episodes have not been recorded yet and the debut process of the group from ‘I-LAND’ will be delayed.

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