Lee Jun Ki plays “evil character”, why audiences still fall in love with him?

Baek Hee Sung character of Lee Jun Ki in ‘Flower Of Evil’ is the new handsome guy of the screen, despite being described as a murderer.

After the end of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, another Korean drama is attracting audiences’ attention, it is Flower of Evil with the two main characters played by Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won. The main character of the drama is Baek Hee Sung (Lee Jun Ki) – a murderer trying to lie about his past and pretending to love his wife Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won). Cha Ji Won is a detective. She gradually has suspicions about her husband facing the truth that they did not want to face.

The main mail character Baek Hee Sung is becoming female audiences’ new “hot character”. His photos, videos in the drama are being spread everywhere. Why an evil character like Baek Hee Sung is still receiving so much love from audiences?


This is the first thing people can see. Lee Jun Ki playing this role when he’s already 38 years old but his face still looks very young like the time when he still a rookie actor. Baek Hee Sung character in the drama is also very manly and brave, it is enough to make every women fall in love. The audiences are not blinded by love just because of his handsomeness. But even how evil he is, the visual is still the first reason why this character is receiving so much love from many people.

Perfect husband, perfect father

After replacing Do Hyun Soo with the Baek Hee Sung cover, he met Cha Ji Won and they became husband and wife. No matter what Baek Hee Sung has done in the past, he is becoming the “national husband” now. Baek Hee Sung is always gentle with his wife, takes care of her little by little. When Cha Ji Won is busy with her detective work at the police station, Baek Hee Sung is in charge of taking care of his daughter. 

He pampers her, happily plays with her and when she was bullied, Baek Hee Sung helped her out silently. No one can harm Baek Hee Sung’s family without his permission.

The crime is not clear, living upright without hatred

Do Hyun Soo is the the number one suspect of a serial murder case 18 years ago. But with each episode, the evidence against Do Hyun Soo gets weaker. It is not clear what happened in the past, but most likely, Do Hyun Soo is not a criminal as the audience thinks. Despite the dangers of being revealed many times, Baek Hee Sung has never killed anyone. Especially because of his wife, Bae Hee Sung revealed an important proof.

When the reporter Kim Moo Jin threatened to expose his true identity, Baek Hee Sung beat him and locked him in the cellar. But it turns out, Baek Hee Sung attacked Moo Jin not because of being threatened, but because the two had previously hatred. During his days at the university, Moo Jin beat Hee Sung once and he swore that if he didn’t kill him, he would come back for revenge.

Despite such a deep hatred, Baek Hee Sung still forgives Moo Jin, not doing anything evil.

The pitiful past 

Baek Hee Sung has a mysterious past that hasn’t been revealed yet. But audiences still can see that Baek Hee Sung was very pitiful. Baek Hee Sung has personality disorder, so he doesn’t know how to express his feelings. All his cheerful, happy expressions are imitated from the video and practiced in front of the mirror. At first, the audience misunderstood that Baek Hee Sung was an emotionless murderer and all of his actions were fake. But later they realized that Baek Hee Sung was just a pitiful person who did not know how to express his feelings.

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