A scene in the newest episode of “Big Mouth” made the viewers laugh as it contains a detail from Im Yoon-ah’s old movie “Exit”

The viewers pointed out a scene in MBC’s new drama “Big Mouth”, starring singer-actress Im Yoon-ah, that reminded them of the movie “Exit”. 

While the drama “Big Mouth”, which captivated the small screen viewers from its first episode, has become a hot topic, a scene in the second episode, which aired on July 30th, caught the eyes of netizens.

SNSD Yoona Big Mouth EXIT

In that scene, Ko Mi-ho (Im Yoon-ah) and Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok) wiped the water leaking from the ceiling and eventually visited the house upstairs to complain. 

How many times do I have to tell you that the water is leaking from here? You have to compensate for causing the damage”, Ko Mi-ho said loudly to the upstairs people who were watching the TV.

When the conversation didn’t go well, Ko Mi-ho went into the house of the upstairs people and sat down. She said, “I won’t go out until you compensate us”.

SNSD Yoona Big Mouth EXIT

Then one of the men in the upstairs house (Yoo Soo-bin) approached Ko Mi-ho and said, “Noona, have we met each other somewhere before? We screamed on the rooftop.

The man then said “Ttattatta Tta Tta Tta Ttattatta” rhythmically and Ko Mi-ho clapped her hands to the rhythm. 

SNSD Yoona Big Mouth EXIT

This scene drew keen attention from the viewers since it was the rescue signal in Morse Code, which was used in the movie “Exit”, starring Jo Jung-seok and Im Yoon-ah. 

Actor Yoo Soo-bin, who made a special appearance in “Big Mouth”, knew Im Yoon-ah through the movie “Exit”.  

SNSD Yoona Big Mouth EXIT

Seeing the two’s gesture, which was only seen in “Exit”, also appear in “Big Mouth”, the audience laughed hard, saying “I thought the worldviews of the two works are somewhat connected.”

SNSD Yoona Big Mouth EXIT

Meanwhile, “Big Mouth” depicts the story of lawyer Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk), who has a low winning rate of 10%, gets caught up in a murder case, and becomes the genius conman called “Big Mouse” overnight. 

With its exciting story and interesting developments from the very first broadcast, “Big Mouth” topped the list of Friday-Saturday dramas by recording a 6.2% viewer rating in Seoul area (data provided by Nielsen Korea). 

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