A rising actress in “Reborn Rich” with gorgeous visuals and outstanding works

Despite appearing on the poster of “Reborn Rich”, this gorgeous actress was only recently introduced in the drama. 

Alongside Song Joong Ki’s on-screen girlfriend Shin Hyun Been and sister-in-law Park Ji Hyun, a new actress has been drawing attention in “Reborn Rich”. She is none other than Jo Hye Joo, who plays the role of Jin Ye Joo – the cousin of male lead Jin Do Jun, who finally appeared after over 10 episodes. Despite being featured in the K-drama’s poster, this character was shrouded in mystery, and only showed up to participate in the inheritance war after the Soonyang Group’s president and founder Jin Yang Chul passed away.  

jo hye joo reborn rich
Jo Hye Joo’s appearance in “Reborn Rich”

So far, Jin Ye Joo hasn’t contributed much to the plot of “Reborn Rich”, but she has proven herself as a talented, gorgeous, and chic young lady born with a silver spoon. At the same time, she is expected to provide great assistance to Jin Dong Ki in his battle against the male lead Jin Do Jun. 

jo hye joo reborn rich
This character is expected to a “wild card” influence as the series approaches its end

With her role in “Reborn Rich”, actress Jo Hye Joo is receiving a lot of praise for her outstanding beauty. Born in 1995, the actress is the perfect combination of innocence and maturity, and boasts unmatched charms that make her suitable for a lot of different roles. It is known that the actress started acting with the 2017 film “Wedding”, and was under YG Entertainment before moving to MAA Korea. 

jo hye joo

Before “Reborn Rich”, Jo Hye Joo has appeared in numerous projects such as “Memories”, “Search: WWW”, “He Is Psychometric”, “Miss & Mrs. Cops” and “A Love So Beautiful”. She is also showing rapid improvements in her acting skills, raising expectations for further works in the future. 

jo hye joo
The gorgeous visuals of Jo Hye Joo

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