A popular Japanese magazine causes a stir among Korean netizens by hinting at exclusive dating news of K-pop idols

On January 17th, Shukan Bunshun online edition announced that it would unveil the romantic relationship of world-famous K-pop idols. On January 18th, netizens in Korean online communities, such as FM Korea, also cited and spread this news.

Still Life

Shukan Bunshun is a Japanese current affairs weekly magazine founded in 1959, similar to The Sun in the U.K. and Dispatch in Korea. It is known to be the first media outlet to reveal the drug case of Big Bang T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun).

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Shukan Bunshun, which publishes about 570,000 copies every week, has the greatest influence among Japanese weekly magazines about current affairs. Its No.1 place is maintained by exclusive news. Most of the dating rumors, paparazzi photos, or corruption allegations are reported by this magazine, causing many stars, politicians, and businessmen to resign.


Korean netizens are guessing the main characters of the romance rumors that Shukan Bunshun will report, but also expressing discomfort about Japanese media exposing the private life issue of Korean celebrities.

In this regard, Internet users responded, “Why are they so interested in Korea?”, “Who are they to report dating rumors of Korean idols?”, “I guess those idols are not really famous”, “I’m worried “, etc.

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