A popular Indian singer expressed his desire to work with BTS Jungkook, “He’s such an amazing person”

Armaan Malik-BTS Jungkook

Armaan Malik, a popular Indian singer and actor, recently shared that he wanted to collaborate with Jungkook.

Arman Malik shows fans his praise to the Korean boy group through his Instagram live, “BTS is so cool,” and expressed his affection, “Jungkook is a really great person and I really like his voice.”

BTS Jungkook

Arman Malik revealed his desire to collaborate with Jungkook and actively appealed, “I feel like something will work with him.”

Earlier, Arman Malik said that he likes Jungkook‘s vocals the most in BTS, showing once again his sincerity towards the collaboration and his extraordinary fan spirit.

BTS Jungkook

In addition to Arman Malik, Jungkook is gaining huge popularity with other Indian male celebrities.

On February 27th, famous Indian singer-songwriter Axh Bakhla posted a Hindi version of Jungkook‘s self-composed song Still With You on his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Armaan Malik-BTS Jungkook

In the cover video, with her sweet voice, Axi Bagla showed a fresh charm with a sensibility that was reinterpreted differently from the original song. He sang Still With You with great care and gave a glimpse of her passionate love as a fan.

As a result, fans’ expectations are also focused on Jungkook, who is gaining huge popularity with Indian male celebrities, and their future moves.

Meanwhile, in January, Indian media Top10About selected Jungkook as the most popular male K-pop idol in 2022, proving his unrivaled popularity in the country.

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