A member of JYP’s new girl group is said to look like BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Lily’s visuals and styling remind many netizens of the “Thai sweetheart”, BLACKPINK’s Lisa. 

As a leading Korean entertainment company, every new project of JYP always garners much attention from the public. Recently, the company has announced its schedule to debut a new 7-member girl group next year, with a lineup consisting of Haewon, Bae, Sullyoon, Jinni, Kyujin, Jiwoo and Lily. Among the members, Lily has especially created a stir on social media because of her similar look to BLACKPINK’s Lisa

JYP Entertainment's new girl group lineup receives much praise
JYP Entertainment’s new girl group lineup receives much praise

Lily is the most anticipated member. After more than 7 years of training at JYP, Lily now shows impressive changes in both appearance, style and skills. Recently, after her video was posted on YouTube, Lily has captured the hearts of many fans with her eye-catching visuals. 

Notably, many netizens claim that Lily shares many similarities with BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, such as hairstyles, makeup looks and Celine outfits. 

Lily is considered by many netizens to look like Lisa
Lily is considered by many netizens to look like Lisa

Currently, the topic pointing out the similarities between Lily and Lisa is drawing attention online. Many netizens also believe that this is only a coincidence. Lily has not officially debuted, so it is not fair to conclude that she will follow the same style as her senior Lisa. Meanwhile, some others think that JYP wants to give Lily a similar styling to BLACKPINK’s maknae to make her stand out more. 

Don’t you know that when Lily debuted in K-pop Stars, Lisa was still an unknown trainee? 

Is she copying Lisa’s style? 

She looks like BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Lily has been a trainee for a long time, her performance skills are already at a certain level. Every idol has their own color, stop accusing her of plagiarism. 

Lily is originally one of the longtime trainees at JYP. She impresses the public with her mix-raced beauty as a Korean-Australian, along with her cute smile and chubby, lovely face.

Besides, Lily‘s talent is also well appreciated. Participating in K-pop Stars in 2014, Lily showcased her powerful, stable vocals and good stage presence. She was also scouted by two famous CEOs, YG’s Yang Hyun Sik and JYP’s Park Jin Young. Lily then decided to join JYP and practiced for 7 years. Lily was even rumored to almost debut in ITZY.

During her trainee years, Lily has attracted a large fanbase with her covers of hits by Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, 2NE1, and Bruno Mars. Lily also featured in GOT7‘s hit “If You Do”. Lily is considered one of the most famous trainees in JYP at the moment. 

Lily is appreciated for both her talent and visuals 
Lily is appreciated for both her talent and visuals 
Lily was once recruited by YG. 
Lily was once recruited by YG. 

Currently, fans hope that Lily will keep her own color from her trainee days and not follow a concept of another female idol that is already familiar and well-known. 

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