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A male participant of dating show “Love Mafia” who captivated women’s hearts with his Song Kang-like appearance 

Kim Kyu-han, a male cast member of the dating reality program “Love Mafia”, made women’s hearts flutter with his warm appearance.

MBC Dramanet’s “Love Mafia”, which was released on June 30th, depicted the first meeting of the 3rd term’s male and female cast members.

On this day, 12 male and female cast members decided to gather in the school classroom. Kim Kyu-han (25 years old), a male participant who arrived at the venue for the first time, drew attention with his outstanding beauty.

Kim Kyu-han, who is not only tall but also has white, clean skin and distinct features, came into the classroom with an aura that is comparable to that of a celebrity.

The MCs who were watching this through VCR admired Kim Kyu-han’s appearance, “He’s really white“, “He resembles Song Kang” and “He’s handsome.”

Afterwards, female participants also arrived in the classroom one by one. All of them were amazed by Kim Kyu-han’s warm looks and could not take their eyes off him.

In particular, female cast member Lee An-na (29 years old) showed her favor towards Kim Kyu-han by sitting next to him without hesitation as soon as she entered the classroom.

Another female cast member, Lee Ji-hyun (28 years old), also expressed her strong preference for younger people by sitting next to Kim Kyu-han, who is younger than her.

Following the rule of eating in pairs with the person sitting next to him, Kim Kyu-han spent time eating with Lee Ji-hyun and Lee An-na.

During the meal, Kim Kyu-han said, “I like women who actively approach me because I’m shy.”

He then added “Younger people aren’t my cup of tea“, making two older sisters Lee Ji-hyun and Lee An-na relieved.

The curiosity is growing whether Kim Kyu-han, who is in a love triangle with two women’s attention, is a single person in search of love.

Meanwhile, “Love Mafia” is a survival mystery dating program in which young single men and women who are looking for true love and the real-life couple “Love Mafia” who try to interfere with their love play a game of wit over 10 million won in couple support.

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