A male idol to take a couple profile photos with his non-celebrity girlfriend before enlisting in the military

Choi Hui-hyeon and Lee Jung-hoon recently shared their newest couple profile photos full of sweet moments on Instagram.

Choi Hui-hyeon posted several photos on her Instagram on October 1 with the words “We are bright“.

In the published photos, Lee Jung-hoon and Choi Hui-hyeon showed off their bright smiles and while facing each other, they fluttered the hearts of many netizens with the affection for each other in their eyes.

Netizens who saw these photos showed their excited reactions such as “It looks like a real magazine pictorial”, “The love in the atmosphere of these photos…”, “Their visual combination is truly the best”, “They look so good together!”.

Lee Jung-hoon, a former member of the group Top Secret, received a lot of attention when he appeared on Kakao TV’s ‘Change Days Season 2’ with his girlfriend Choi Hui-hyeon of the same age.

Source: wikitree

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