A Look at BLACKPINK Lisa’s Rumored Boyfriend – Frédéric Arnault’s Relationship History

Before being caught in love rumor with Lisa, Frédéric Arnault used to be in relationships with these girls

BLACKPINK’s Lisa, known for her rapping and dancing prowess, has also become a target of dating rumors, particularly in the last year. The speculation centers around Frédéric Arnault, the CEO of luxury watch brand TAG Heuer.

Lisa blackpink Frederic Arnault

The spark ignited when Arnault was spotted at a BLACKPINK concert, hinting at a potential friendship. But things escalated quickly. Fans noticed Arnault attending some of Lisa’s most important events, including her appearances at the famed Crazy Horse Cabaret. Paparazzi sightings of them on dates in different locations further fueled the fire.

frederic-Fernanda Mottura
frederic-Fernanda Mottura
frederic-Fernanda Mottura

However, Arnault’s past love life adds another layer to the story. Before Lisa entered the picture, he was linked to Fernanda Mottura, a lawyer with impressive credentials. Netizens unearthed photos of them together on Facebook, dating back to 2014, suggesting a past relationship. Social media whispers, possibly from Mottura’s account, even hinted at a more intimate connection.

Then came Julia Madar, daughter of a French perfume company co-founder. The two were seen together in Venice around 2021.

frederic-Julia Madar

With this history, fans are naturally curious about the status between Lisa and Arnault. Both have remained tight-lipped, leaving the question unanswered. Are they just good friends, or is there something more brewing? Only time will tell what the future holds for this rumored couple.

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