A legendary Kpop stage: 2PM Taecyeon bride-carrying SNSD Yoona and running away

In the 2nd generation of Kpop, year-end stage even created love lines for performing artists, who acted lovey-dovey on stage. 

Kpop fans who have experienced the glorious day of the 2nd generation must have bare witness to many “legendary” collaborations. Among those, one of the most iconic stages was that of SNSD and 2PM – who once went viral across all fandoms with their waterpark commercial “Cabi Song”. 

“Cabi Song” once went viral with all Kpop fans 
snsd 2pm
The water park commercial with SNSD and 2PM

In the MV, SNSD Yoona exuded explosive chemistry with 2PM Taecyeon, and seeing that they also participated in a variety show together, dating rumors started to arise between the two. 

On top of this, even the broadcasting channel MBC took this “ship” to sail via a collaboration between SNSD and 2PM at the 2009 Song Festival. Here, the two group’s “Love Song Medley” stage started with a VCR where SNSD found the news of Yoona and 2PM Taecyeon dating on the headline of a newspaper. 

The collaboration stage of SNSD and 2PM 
taecyeon yoona
An opening VCR show a “fake headline” of Yoona and Taecyeon dating 
snsd yoona
SNSD cheered in joy, but Yoona was pouting

However, Yoona was mad at Taecyeon and refused to answer his calls. Upon seeing this, 2PM and SNSD tried to get them back together by planning a collaboration, and on the stage, Taecyeon apologized. The male idol then bride-carried Yoona and ran away while the remaining members cheered enthusiastically. 

2PM and SNSD planned a collaboration to end the argument between Yoona and Taecyeon 

This is a complete contrast to the Kpop industry nowadays, where 3rd and 4th generation idols often avoid interaction with the opposite sex in fear of dating rumors. In fact, if the 2PM & SNSD stage happens nowadays, it may become the most controversial topic of the year. 

taecyeon yoona
Taecyeon bride-carried Yoona and ran away whilst still on stage

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • The 2nd generation is really….. What is even this 
  • It was so fun back in the day. Broadcasting stations also shipped Wonder Girls and BIG BANG
  • During the 2nd generation, male and female idol collaborations like this were quite common. There was also one with KARA and SHINee, and that collaboration was gold! 
  • Wow, how come everyone was so gorgeous?
  • Fans really, really, really hated this back then too. But the public really enjoyed these “couples”.
  • I still remember “Cabi Song”, everyone was talking about it 
  • Fans must have hated this because of all the dating rumors 
  • Everyone back in 2009 was talking about this!!!
  • No but back then 2PM and SNSD kept getting put together, from variety shows to commercials to this. 

Source: k14

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