A JYP trainee was eliminated for being too similar to TWICE’s Nayeon

This JYP trainee almost debuted as a member of ITZY

JYP Entertainment is famous for having the most gorgeous female idols, starting from Wonder Girls’ Sohee, Miss A’s Suzy and Fei, TWICE, ITZY’s Yuna, Ryujin and Lia, to NMIXX’s Jinni and Sullyoon. This is why one JYP trainee attracts huge attention for not being able to debut despite her refreshing visuals.

Park Ye Jin

This trainee is Park Yejin (2000), who specialized in vocals and was on the pre-debut team for ITZY. She started to draw attention after an appearance on the reality show “Stray Kids”, alongside Ryujin, Yeji, Yuna, as well as other trainees.  

Park Ye Jin
Park Ye Jin

Yejin used to win the star awards at JYP’s 12th open audition, only to open a personal Instagram account in 2018, thus confirming her departure from JYP Entertainment. At this, many fans were disappointed. They regarded Yejin as a promising trainee with visuals similar to that of TWICE’s Nayeon, and were sad to see her go. 

Park Ye Jin

While Park Yejin didn’t end up becoming an idol, she still pursue music through her personal YouTube channel “yejinyeah”. She also appeared in various brand advertisements and acted in several film projects.

Some comments from the netizens: 

  • She looks like a combination of Mina and Nayeon, the first photo really resembles Nayeon in a previous photoshoot.
  • First picture looks like Esther Yu, but the rest is like Nayeon. I almost mistook them for Nayeon’s pre-debut photos. 
  • Her problem is that she looks too much like Nayeon. JYP probably wanted different looks for the next group so she wasn’t picked. 
Park Ye Jin
Many people find Ye Jin to be a Nayeon look-a-like. 

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