A “Heart Signal” contestant suspected of taking drugs appears before court with a shocking appearance change

“Heart Signal” contestant Seo Min Jae appears before the court with a pale and feeble appearance. 

On the morning of May 18th (KST), “Heart Signal” contestant Seo Min Jae appeared at the Seoul Western District Court. She made a public appearance before reporters. 

In this appearance, Seo Min Jae wore a mask to cover up a visibly pale face without makeup. She wore a formal suit for the court appearance. Known for her lively and innocent charm on Channel A’s dating reality show “Heart Signal Season 3”, the participant looked drastically different. She is feebler and skinnier.  

Seo Min-jae

After completing her court interrogation, Seo Min Jae was held in the arms of two female officers. She could not hide a sorrowful expression. 

Fans expressed their bitterness and regret at the image, saying, “Compared to the past, her face…”, “I can see it on her face. Her eyes were blank…” and “It’s so unfortunate”. 

seo min jae

Seo Min Jae is suspected of taking methamphetamines, a very highly addictive central nervous stimulant. It is a dangerous synthetic compound that allows a person to function with less sleep. 

seo min jae

A person addicted to drugs often loses weight. Their skin also ages rapidly due to a loss of appetite. In addition, their teeth begin to decay and their gums and lips lose their natural, healthy color.

seo mn jae

Meanwhile, as a result of the court’s substantive examination of the warrant, she reportedly avoided arrest. 

Source: Wikitree 

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