A gift video from Jimin (BTS) to ARMY to celebrate their 6th anniversary

BTS Jimin has prepared a special gift for ARMY to celebrate their 6th anniversary.

Thank you for congratulating BTS’ birthday,” Jimin said on BTS’ official Twitter account on June 13th. “I have also prepared a small gift for you guys.”.

In the uploaded video are unforgettable moments between BTS and ARMY.

Jimin filmed and edited the video carefully all by himself. It is like a photo album full of beautiful times of the members and their fans.

The first scene started with Jimin’s handwriting. Jimin wrote the names of BTS and ARMY side by side on a piece of paper.

Then the song “Answer: Love Myself” from the album “LOVE YOURSELF 結” went on as the background music, and the videos was added with cute effect and transition.

With rhythmic editing, sensibility, and sincerity, the video contained Jimin’s affection for ARMY.

At the end of the video, fans are moved by the videos of fans making waves on their seats, and the seven BTS members gathered in a circle with their custom mikes in the middle and twirl around.

Last spring, Jimin stressed that he would never forget today at every performance on their stadium tour in the U.S. and Europe.

In the video that Jimin posted to celebrate their sixth anniversary, the phrase “I will never forget” also appeared at the end, and many ARMYs were moved to tears.

Artist’s debut is considered an important day in fandom culture.

Jimin thanked ARMY for walking with them so far with a carefully crafted video gift.

Sources: Dispatch

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