A female singer shocks fans with her unusual stage outfit, “A panty as big as a mask?”

Singer Lee Hi caught the eyes of fans and netizens with her unconventional fashion.

On November 26th, Lee Hi posted several photos on her Instagram account with the caption “Thank you again for today”.

Lee Hi
Lee Hi

The released pictures show Lee Hi posing while wearing a white T-shirt and jeans backstage. 

At first glance, her outfit looked comfortable and casual, but her top, which seems to have been reformed in a one-of-a-kind style using a simple T-shirt, surprised everyone. 

In response to Lee Hi’s styling, Internet users commented, “I thought it was a panty”, “It was as big as a mask”, “The style looks a little awkward”, etc.

Lee Hi

However, some complimented the female singer’s unique fashion sense, saying “She looks good in all styles”, “It looks hip somehow”, etc.

Meanwhile, Lee Hi made her debut in the music industry in 2012 after winning SBS’s audition program “K-pop Star Season 1”.

Since then, she has released a number of hit songs, “1,2,3,4”, “Breathe”, “HOLO”, etc. She released the OST “We’ll Shine Brighter Than Any Other Stars” for Disney+’s original drama “Soundtrack #1” in March. 

Source: Insight

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