A female audience member took off her bra and threw it at Jay Park during performance (+Jay Park’s reaction)

Singer Jay Park acted like this after seeing a bra thrown by an audience member during his performance at a festival in Korea.

The “Tone & Music Festival 2023” was held at Olympic Park, Seoul on June 3rd and 4th.

jay park

Headliner Jay Park sang the live version of his representative song “Mommae”, drawing cheers from fans.

During the “Mommae” stage, Jay Park took off his shirt and presented a sexy dance to entertain the audience.

Seeing Jay Park boasting his solid abs, a female audience member immediately took off her bra and threw it at Jay Park.

Without being embarrassed, Jay Park walked to the side where the audience member threw her bra and picked up the underwear himself.

jay park

The video of Jay Park holding a gray bra quickly spread on various online communities such as TikTok and YouTube.

Netizens commented, “I heard that ‘throwing bras’ means ‘hot performance’ in foreign countries“, “How did the girl who threw her bra go home?“, “Will fans all throw their bras like that girl in the future?“…

Meanwhile, Jay Park received many women’s underwear at a concert in Madrid, Spain in the past.

After the concert, he posted a photo of himself smiling broadly surrounded by bras on his Instagram, saying, “Madrid!! I felt love. Thank you very much.”

Source: Insight

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