A famous actor suddenly enlisted in the military due to a “two-timing” scandal

The two-timing scandal of famous actor A is being re-examined.


Recently, Women Sense reported that actor A was found out to have dated actress B and non-celebrity C at the same time then joined the military in a hurry.

According to reports, actor A is as tall as a model and has a unique image. People around often compliment him as “a nice actor”. Actress B is reportedly A’s long-time lover and A had another relationship with the non-celebrity C.


After knowing his two-timing action, C asked A about the truth and threatened him through a text message, saying, “If you don’t break up with B, I will reveal that you are two-timing”. Eventually, A broke up with both actress B and non-celebrity C then decided to join the military. Before enlisting, A reportedly apologized sincerely to actress B and B also forgave A.

This is not the only two-timing scandal in the entertainment industry.

Yokono Sumire

In March of last year, Japanese girl group NMB48 member Yokono Sumire was also embroiled in a two-timing scandal.

At that time, Weekly Bunchun reported that Yokono Sumire had spent the night with Yokoyama Yu at a hotel in Kyoto. Yokono Smith is 20 years old and Yu Yokoyama is 39 years old, with a difference of 19 years.

However, six days after the scandal was reported, she was seen dating another man at a hotel in Osaka. This man is known as ‘Johnny’s Jr.‘ member Fukumoko Taise.


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