A couple who have been dating for 7 years after filming a drama together

Actress Baek Jin Hee (born in 1990) appeared in MBC’s sitcom “High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged” (2011) and was loved for her weird character and cute appearance.

At the time of her debut, she gained huge popularity for her resemblance to Park Bo Young and Sohee. She later succeeded in transforming her image through the drama “Empress Ki” and won the Best New Actress (TV) award at the Baeksang Arts Awards.


Baek Jin Hee has been dating fellow actor Yoon Hyun Min for 7 years since 2016. The two first met as male and female protagonists in the 2015 drama “My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol”.


At the end of the drama’s airing, Baek Jin Hee and Yoon Hyun Min were seen together in a shopping center by various media outlets, and they were suspected of “developing into real lovers”. Afterwards, the two confidently admitted to being in a romantic relationship, drawing attention.

yoon Hyun-min

When appearing on the YouTube channel “Singles Korea” recently, Yoon Hyun Min revealed his own dating values and style. He chose “a sweet and romantic relationship” as the type of relationship he prefers and explained, “A sweet and romantic relationship like Choi Soo Jong and Ha Hee Ra. I feel envious when I see couples like them.”


When asked “What’s more important in dating and relationships?“, Yoon Hyun Min chose “strategy” between “strategy” and “sincerity”. He shared his thoughts, “I believe strategy in dating is a part of one’s sincerity. Certain strategies for relationships can contribute to a longer and happier partnership.

Source: Daum

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