BLACKPINK’s stage outfits in Indonesia: from Lisa’s repurposed top to Jennie’s stylish neck vest

At their two-night concert in Indonesia from the 12th to the 13th March, BLACKPINK had a blast performing on stage. Apart from the fiery performances, BLACKPINK’s stage outfits also gained their separate spotlight. 

Rosé’s custom-design outfit is worth up to 661 USD. (Image: Instagram blackpinks.style4)
On the second performing night, she wore a sporty attire with a top worth 131 USD and a mini skirt bottom worth around 797 USD. (Image: Instagram blackpinks.style4)

On stage, fans were worried for some time when Rosé experienced wardrobe malfunction during the performance. Nonetheless, as a long-time performer, Rosé managed to handle the situation with professionalism and finished her part seamlessly.

For Lisa’s stage outfit, the stylist surprised fans by repurposing her mini skirt into a stylish top. The pink-coordinated attire created a gentle yet charismatic and captivating feel to Lisa’s image. 

AREA was still Lisa’s favorite brand. (Image: Instagram blackpinks.style4)

In performing the solo track “You & Me,” Jennie shone through with a neck vest and knee-high socks to generate an athletic, simple, yet stylish image onstage.

The neck vest is worth 180 USD. (Image: Instagram blackpinks.style4)

Last but not least, Jisoo was filled with power for her stage despite the hectic behind-the-scenes preparations for her album. For her performances, Jisoo prepared two attention-grabbing dresses, one athletic and the other more sensual. 

Jisoo in the FANCì’s body suit. (Image: Instagram blackpinks.style4)

On the second night, for her “Liar” stage, Jisoo boasted a sensual charm in a layered red dress. The straps were added later on for a smoothly-running stage performance. 

jisoo thumbnail
The dress is worth up to 405 pounds, equivalent to 492 USD. (Image:  Instagram blackpinks.style4)

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