“A Business Proposal” Kim Min-gyu and Seol In-ah, a couple who crossed the line to each other’s territory and created the hottest romance 

The romance between Kim Min-kyu and Seol In-ah in “A Business Proposal”  is hot.

SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “A Business Proposal” is a thrilling office romance that might make you think twice about your resign decision between Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-jeong) who deceived her company’s handsome president Kang Tae-moo (Ahn Hyo-seop). Thanks to the pleasant and exciting romance of Ahn Hyo-seop and Kim Se-jeong, the ratings has reached a new high, recording 10.8% nationwide and 11.6% in the Seoul metropolitan area in its 8th episode.

In particular, “A Business Proposal” is drawing attention, not only by the Ahn Hyo-seop and Kim Se-jeong couple but also the romance between Kim Min-kyu and Seol In-ah couple. In the 7th and 8th episodes, Cha Sung-hoon (Kim Min-kyu) and Jin Young-seo (Seol In-ah), who were previously keeping their distance by staying behind their lines, finally crossed the line to confirm their feelings and burst into a hot romance. Let’s look back on the romantic scenes of Cha Sung-hoon and Jin Young-seo, who captivated viewers with their hot “adult chemistry” with a different charm compared to the main couple.

Kim Min Kyu Seol In Ah

# The fateful first meeting, “Found you, my love”.

Jin Young-seo, the only daughter of a chaebol family, dreamed of a fateful love and sent her friend Shin Ha-ri to the blind dates that were supposed to be hers. Later, Jin Young-seo met Cha Sung-hoon, the man of her destiny, in front of a convenience store. Along with Jin Young-seo saying, “I found him, my love,” the CG effect of flowers scattering marked their fateful first meeting. As the audience thought only Jin Young-seo fell in love with Cha at first sight, but Cha Sung-hoon was also revealed to have been attracted to Jin Young-seo at first sight afterward, making viewers excited.

a business proposal

# “I just don’t have to cross this line, right?” Childish line drawing.

Cha Sung-hoon and Jin Young-seo soon reunited as neighbors. However, Cha Sung-hoon, as Kang Tae-moo‘s secretary, drew a line, saying that he could not have a good relationship with Jin Young-seo, who tricked his boss in the blind date. In response, Jin Young-seo took revenge on Cha Sung-hoon by drawing a childish line, saying, “I just don’t have to cross this line, right?” When they accidentally met at the pub, as the food was handed wrongly over to Cha Sung-hoon, Jin Young-seo freaked out and overreacted by saying, “I’m sorry.” Jin Young-seo, who draws the line and fights childishly with Cha, made viewers laugh.

a business proposal

# A surprise kiss under the influence of alcohol led to a hot night!

Cha Sung-hoon caught Jin Young-seo‘s hidden camera criminal, and the two became closer. Jin Young-seo, who was afraid of going to the bathroom after the hidden camera incident, was shown running away in front of Cha Sung-hoon due to her “physiological phenomena”. Jin Young-seo is even more embarrassed because she was in front of the man she had a crush on. Cha Sung-hoon comforted such Jin Young-seo, and Jin Young-seo gave Cha Sung-hoon a surprise kiss while drunk. Cha Sung-hoon, who was trying to keep his line, also responded. The tension between them two, who then spent a hot night together, heated up the home theater.

A Business Proposal
A Business Proposal

# From avoiding each other after a hot night, to an even hotter “Glasses-off Kiss”

Jin Young-seo, on the other hand, was drunk and couldn’t remember her “hot night” with Cha Sung-hoon, claiming that the previous night should be forgotten. However, Cha sung-hoon soon knew what was going on inside Jin Young-seo’s head, and gave her a passionate kiss, saying, “From now on I won’t let you forget”. Viewers also reacted positively to Cha Sung-hoon kissing Young-seo while removing his glasses. The two’s burning “adult chemistry” received compliments.

A Business Proposal
“From now on I won’t let you forget”
A Business Proposal

Along with ‘Ha-Tae couple (Ha-ri and Tae-Moo)’, ‘Line-coupleCha Sung-hoon and Jin Young-seo, who have completely crossed the line, started dating seriously. The cute and adorable ‘Ha-Tae Couple‘ slowly seeps in while the ‘Line Couple‘ burns with intense intensity.  The good chemistry of both couples makes viewers unable to take their eyes off.  Episode 9 of the SBS drama ‘A Business Proposal‘ will be broadcast at 10 pm on March 28th.

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