7 K-pop idols who are well known for their “expensive” aura

Below are 7 K-pop idols that just seem to live and breathe “expensive”.

Referring to the phrase “expensive”, K-pop fans will probably think of Jennie (BLACKPINK) first. She is a typical representative of an idol’s aristocratic and luxurious aura. People are no stranger to the female idol’s nickname “Human Chanel”. Whenever Jennie appears, she always wears a trendy outfit of this luxury fashion brand.

7 K-pop idols who are well known for their "expensive" aura
Jennie has a rare aura in the idol world.

Not only Chanel, the female idol’s charisma and beauty also caught the eye of many other brands. She appeared with a luxurious look in a lot of prestigious fashion magazines. Recently, Jennie is the top face of the 3rd generation who receives great attention and love from the public.

If Jennie is the symbol of high-fashion among female idols, BTS’s V is considered the representative of male idols. V likes basic, casual but trendy and chic fashion items. With his handsome visuals and eye-catching fashion style, V captures fans’ hearts every time he appears. Whether it’s filming a TV show or performing on stage, the male idol never fails to exude luxury. 

7 K-pop idols who are well known for their "expensive" aura
V’s aura is captivating 

As one of the hottest female rookie idols at the moment, IVE’s Jang Wonyoung is also famous for her rich aura. The female idol has the appearance of someone who comes from a well-off background. Therefore, in every concept, Wonyoung gives off elegant and classy vibes.

Although there are many controversies over Wonyoung’s skills, her outstanding charm and visuals are what make her gain the spotlight among the 4th generation idols. 

7 K-pop idols who are well known for their "expensive" aura
Wonyoung exudes an “It girl” aura 

Prior to making her debut as an idol, TWICE’s Mina was a ballerina. She exudes a noble aura that is rare in Kpop. Even in TWICE’s cute and bright concept, Mina still gives off signature elegant vibes. This is most clearly shown through her graceful and gorgeous facial features.

7 K-pop idols who are well known for their "expensive" aura
Mina’s shimmering visuals 

ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo is currently one of the hottest male idols in the K-pop industry. With a handsome prince-like appearance, he easily digests the roles of a highschool heartthrob or a son of a rich family. Because of that, the image of the male idol in the eyes of fans is always flashy and even extravagant.

Currently, Cha Eun Woo is widely covered on the Korean screen. However, the male idol still causes many controversies about his acting ability.

7 K-pop idols who are well known for their "expensive" aura
The male idol’s beauty makes people fall in love. 

It would be a mistake not to include aespa’s Karina in this list. The female idol’s gestures and facial expressions are so gentle and high-class that the audience can’t take their eyes off her. In addition, netizens believe that the simple but luxurious fashion style has enhanced the expensive aura of Karina. 

7 K-pop idols who are well known for their "expensive" aura
Karina’s beauty is very different. 

The romantic appearance makes Hyunjin (Stray Kids) look very aristocratic. At the same time, every time the male idol dances, fans can’t help admiring his elegant and luxurious aura. Because of that, Hyunjin is chosen by netizens as one of the most “expensive” faces in K-pop. 


Most of the idols selected for this list have a pretty flashy look. Their royal aura is not reflected in their outfits or jewelry, but also in their gestures and facial expressions.


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