7 interesting facts about “Business Proposal” actress Seol In Ah: Former idol trainee, friendship with Kim Se Jeong, and more

These are 7 things about “Business Proposal” star Seol In Ah you might not know. 

The cast of “Business Proposal” is gaining great popularity lately thanks to the success of the feel-good romantic comedy drama. In “Business Proposal”, Seol In Ah plays Jin Young Seo, a wealthy chaebol daughter who is always forced to go on blind dates arranged by her father, so she asks her best friend to take her place in these match-ups. Her love interest is secretary Cha Sung Hun (Kim Min Kyu), whom he falls in love with at first sight. 

A Business Proposal female characters

Seol In Ah draws much praise from the audience for her portrayal of Jin Young Seo thanks to her pretty visuals and natural, charming acting. If you recently became interested in Seol In Ah because of “Business Proposal”, let’s find out more about the actress in real life! 

A Business Proposal female characters

1. Seol In Ah was born on January 3, 1996

Seol In Ah is a Capricorn. A Capricorn woman is known to be driven, intelligent, and strong. She is capable of doing anything she is determined to achieve. Interesting, right? Do you think Seol In Ah has such personality traits? 

Seol In Ah

Seol In Ah first gained recognition with a minor role in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” where she plays Guk Doo’s girlfriend. Her character later also has a crush on Do Bong Soon’s brother. In the same year, she joined the cast of School 2017 and became the host of MBC’s Section TV until the end of 2019.

2. Seol In Ah was once a Kpop idol trainee

Before debuting as an actress, Seol In Ah trained with former KARA member Heo Young Ji to become an idol. She practiced singing and dancing in high school, but ended up choosing a different career path. 

A Business Proposal female characters

Seol In Ah switched to study at the Seoul Institute of the Arts majoring in acting. Her first leading role was in “Sunny Again Tomorrow”, the drama that helped her take home the Best New Actress award at the 2018 KBS Drama Awards. Seol In Ah later appeared in Law Of The Jungle in Mexico, her second variety show.

3. Seol In Ah has a lovely friendship with Kim Se Jeong

Seol In Ah and Kim Se Jeong were both members of the cast of “School 2017” so “Business Proposal” is their second time being co-stars! In an interview, Kim Se Jeong said: “I realize that both of us have grown up and everyone can feel it. Whenever we appeared together on set, the staff would say, “Two archaeopteryx are here, haha”.

A Business Proposal female characters

4. Seol In Ah had a good time filming “Mr. Queen”

Seol In Ah revealed that she was so nervous about her role in Mr. Queen that she practiced speaking and reading books slowly while taking deep breaths to try to master the sageuk accent.

Seol In Ah

Like many other actors, Seol In Ah used to receive negative comments from viewers but she overcame it by relying on her family and co-stars. In “Mr. Queen”, Seol In Ah reunited with Kim Jung Hyun, who also starred in “School 2017”. The actress shared that she felt secure and close to Kim Jung Hyun on set.

Seol In Ah

5. Seol In Ah wants to try action acting

Seol In Ah once said in an interview that she wanted to challenge an action project. She expressed her desire to try a character that is similar to the villain in “Killing Eve”. Fans are also curious about how Seol In Ah will perform fight and action scenes with her beautiful visual.

Seol In-ah

6. Seol In Ah is Chung Ha’s close friend

Seol In Ah and Chung Ha once appeared together as guests on SBS’s variety show “It’s Okay To Be Slightly Crazy” and took on the climbing challenge for the first time. It is said that Seol In Ah and Chung Ha got to know each other after attending a dance academy during their school days and later became close friends. 

Seol In Ah

This 1996-born actress seems to be very outgoing and sociable. Appearing on a broadcast of “Running Man”, Seol In Ah also revealed her great dancing skills.

7. Seol In Ah loves dogs and is raising a pet dog named “Julie” 

Seol In Ah appeared on “Dogs Are Incredible” and told the story of how she met her pet dog Julie. The actress said, “Julie was abandoned. I met the owner at the garbage dump where he abandoned his dogs, including Julie”.

Seol In Ah

There was a time when Julie got lost for almost 2 weeks. While Seol In Ah’s mother was walking the dog, it suddenly ran after a cat and caused the rope to break. The actress spent days and nights looking for her dog. She attached leaflets all around the neighborhood and asked nearly 500 people to search for Julie. She even cut her clothes in order to help Julie find her way back home. Seol In Ah finally reunited with Julie after 13 days.

Seol In Ah is not only pretty but also hard-working and talented. The viewers also hope that the actress can attract more attention from drama directors and be cast for female lead roles after the success of “A Business Proposal”.

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