6 male stars who show off unisex charms in genderless fashion 

Below are male celebrities who impress netizens with their overwhelming fashion sense in skirts and high heels.

As fashion becomes more diverse, more and more celebrities are trying to break sexual stereotypes by wearing genderless styles. Men in skirts and women in suits can be seen a lot nowadays, and they are creating a “hip” fashion culture. These celebrities are setting great examples for Gen Z people, who value individuality and change. 

1. Jo Kwon

jo kwon

The first star to be mentioned is 2AM’s Jo-Kwon, who is widely known as the icon of genderless fashion. Jo Kwon enjoys wearing kill heels and he also draws attention for his bold style with crop tee and skirt. The male idol also expressed his belief that gender does not matter in fashion. He is currently active as a Youtuber through his personal Youtube channel “Jo Kwon’s Watch or Not”.

2. Noh Hong-chul

noh hong cheol

Broadcaster Noh Hong-chul is also into unisex fashion by matching skirts with stockings. Noh Hong-chul once showed his huge love for genderless clothes, saying that he could wear a skirt and go meet his close acquaintances. 

Since 10 years ago, he has expressed his strong individuality by pulling off items, such as high heels, leggings, and skirts. Seeing Noh Hong-chul recently boast his appearance in a genderless look, a netizen praised, “It looks really good on you”. 

3. Yumdda


Hip-hop rapper Yumdda also caught the eyes of netizens with his unisex style. The male rapper drew attention as he revealed himself showing up at a clothing store in a beige skirt on Youtube. Yumdda confidently said, “I don’t feel any discomfort when wearing a skirt”. He also showed his great satisfaction after purchasing a new skirt.

4. Mudd the student

mud the student

Rapper Mud the student, who competed in Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 10” has also joined the genderless trend. He made headlines with a photoshoot showing him wearing a skirt. Mud the student also boasted his impressive fashion sense by posting a photo of him in a flower-patterned long skirt on Instagram. The rapper perfectly digested the genderless fashion items with his unique and individualistic expressions and gave off a more “hip-hop” atmosphere.

5. Bong Tae-gyu

bong tae gyu

Bong Tae-gyu, who has been so well-known as a fashionista, also enjoys unisex fashion. The actor also said that he liked wearing the clothes of his wife Hasisi Park. Explaining the reason why he often appears in genderless outfits, Bong Tae-gyu confessed that he wanted to show his son Si-ha that men can also wear skirts. In addition to skirts, Bong Tae-gyu also impressed netizens with his model-like vibe in frill shirts. 

6 Jung Il-woo

jung il woo

Actor Jung Il-woo recently joined the lineup of cool male stars with genderless fashion. Fans were once surprised by his shocking transformation with a hot pink wig. The actor exuded his unique charms by wearing a crop tee and a mini skirt with colorful nails. Jung Il-woo said he was satisfied with how he decorated himself. 

Source: insight

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