6 legendary fancams of aespa Karina

aespa, which released their 3rd mini album “My World”, won No.1 with the title song “Spicy” on Mnet’s “M Countdown” on May 18th. While aespa is captivating fans with their girl crush-filled yet lovely charm, member Karina is becoming a hot issue in particular.


In this promotion, Karina drew attention by appearing in costumes that highlighted her body line. Karina boasted not only her Barbie doll-like visual but also perfect figure. Netizens showed various reactions such as “As expected, she’s the top tier among female idols“…

Let’s take a look at Karina’s legendary fancams that make us have no choice but to become her fans.

1. Mnet’s “M Countdown”: “Salty & Sweet” stage

On May 11th, aespa performed “Salty & Sweet”, a song from the new album, on Mnet’s “M Countdown”.

With gorgeous blond hair, Karina wore a beret, a silver shirt, a short cancan skirt and boasted her visual resembling Maetel from the animation “Galaxy Express 999”. Karina aroused admiration by exuding her sexiness with “S-line dance moves” without excessive exposure.

2. MBC’s “Show! Music Core”: “Spicy” stage

Karina also showed her legendary beauty on the May 13th broadcast of MBC’s “Show! Music Core”.

Karina appeared in a red dress and showed off her refreshing yet sporty charm. Every time Karina danced, she caught the eye with her fair skin and slim body.

3. KBS2’s “Music Bank”: “Thirsty” stage

aespa performed “Thirsty” on the recent broadcast of KBS2’s “Music Bank”.

Karina wore a turtleneck T-shirt, a baggy shirt and a miniskirt. She showed innocent yet seductive dance moves with her long limbs, shaking fans’ hearts.

4. SBS’ “2022 Gayo Daejeon”: “Illusion” and “Girls” stages

We could feel Karina’s unapproachable aura on SBS’ “2022 Gayo Daejeon”.

At that time, aespa performed “Illusion” and “Girls” passionately. Karina surprised everyone by showing both her softness and volume.

5. KAMP LA K-pop Festival: “Next Level” stage

Karina’s overflowing charm shone on the American stage as well.

Last year, aespa attended the “KAMP LA K-pop Festival” held in LA, USA and met overseas fans. Karina, who has a cat-like beauty and a small face, exuded her fascinating charm by making expressions to match the song.

6. Hanyang University ERICA Festival: “Black Mamba” stage

aespa Karina captivated university students with her impressive visual and body.

On May 18th, aespa attended Hanyang University ERICA Campus’ festival and presented a congratulatory stage. Wearing a military look and a choker, Karina showed the side of a living Barbie doll.

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