6 Korean actors who are so good at singing, they can steal the jobs of Kpop idols

These male K-drama stars have shown off their eargasm vocals in the past, netizens are surprised they aren’t singers.

Recently, many male actors have revealed their unique singing skills and sweet tones which easily capture the public’s eardrums. Despite their focus on acting, these K-drama stars can give many singers a run for their money.

1. Kim Minkyu

After appearing in the hit rom-com “Business Proposal”, Kim Minkyu became a hot topic across Asia, and his past singing skills were also brought to discussion. 

Previously in 2017, Kim Minkyu boasted his voice with an appearance in the 4th season of Mnet’s music show “I Can See Your Voice”, receiving warm applause for his sweet tone. 

The actor also confessed that he learned practical music when he was in high school, and has practiced singing since he was a teenager. In fact, he even became a Kpop trainee for a short time, and almost debuted with Kpop boy group SEVENTEEN. 

2. Yoon Chan Young 

Actor Yoon Chan Young completely swept fans off their feet after appearing on KBS2’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” last month, where he showed off his outstanding vocals. 

On the show, Yoon Chan Young delivered a beautiful performance of Suzy and Baekhyun’s collaboration track “Dream”, singing alongside actress Lee Yoo Mi. 

Many people were surprised to listen to the actor’s mesmerizing low-pitched voice, as well as mature and stable tone. 

After the success of Netflix series  “All of Us Are Dead”, Yoon Chan Young has received favorable reviews for both his acting and singing performance. 

3. Park Bo Gum 

When it comes to actors with singing abilities as good as singers, Park Bo Gum is an irrefutable name. 

In 2020, the famous actor appeared on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”, where he revealed both his extraordinary piano skills and gorgeous vocals.

Previously in 2016, Park Bo Gum drew attention by releasing an OST for his drama “Love in The Moonlight”, where his sweet voice and stable vocalization was on full display.

The actor also shared that he originally dreamt of becoming an idol, which explains his love for singing. 

 4. Jang Ki Yong

Another name talented in both singing and acting is none other than Jang Ki Yong, who recently enlisted after starring in “My Roommate is a Gumiho” and “Now, We Are Breaking Up”. 

In 2018, Jang Ki Yong played a leading role in the MBC drama “Come and Hug Me”, and participated in the series’ OST, where he flaunted his high-quality singing skills. 

Many netizens hailed the actor for his stable rhythm and pitch, as well as his soothing tone that tugs on people’s heartstrings and conveys a raw desperation, which was embedded in the lyrics. 

5. Jung Hae In 

As it turns out, Jung Hae In’s versatility is not limited to his acting, but also transcends to the realm of music, as shown via a 2019 broadcast of JTBC show “Begin Again”. 

Here, the actor sang Paul Kim’s “Every Day, Every Moment”, as well as Kim Kwang Seok’s “Around Thirty” in full melancholy, touching the hearts of all listeners. 

At first, Jung Hae In looked rather shy, but as he started to sing, his eyes and demeanor started to change. 

In 2020, Jung Hae In also received explosive response for his duet performance of “But I’ll Miss You” with the original singer Paul Kim. 

6. Gong Yoo

In 2010, Gong Yoo appeared on KBS2’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”, drawing attention for his performance of Kim Yeon Woo’s “Greeting”. 

Although the song is notorious for being hard to sing, the famous actor pulled it off without much difficulty, drawing public admiration. 

His performance exuded sincerity and perfect vocals, even for challenging and powerful high notes. As a result, Gong Yoo is known as a true talent in both acting and singing.  

Source: insight

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