6 female stars who are likely to appear on the special episode “Virgin Losers” of “I Am Solo”

There are quite a few celebrities who have never dated anyone although they have looks and charms that catch everyone’s attention at once.

They seem to be constantly receiving confessions from the opposite sex, but surprisingly, they surprised numerous fans by confessing that they are “virgin losers”.

They seem to have no time to date due to their busy schedules.

Let’s take a look at female celebrities who have captured many male fans’ hearts but have not yet been in a relationship.

1. Actress Park Eun-bin

Actress Park Eun-bin, who has recently gained explosive popularity through the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, is actually a “virgin loser”.

Park Eun-bin, who is 31 years old this year, confessed, “I’m a ‘virgin loser’. I don’t think I’ve ever had a romantic relationship before.”

Park Eun Bin

After entering the entertainment industry at the young age of 5, she appears to have not been able to afford to be in a relationship because she was busy acting and studying at the same time.

Park Eun-bin also revealed that her ideal type is a “pure and caring” person.

2. Singer-actress Son Na-eun

Son Na-eun, who immediately catches the eye with her slim body and doll-like appearance, is also a “virgin loser” with no dating experience.

Son Naeun

Son Na-eun revealed that she was a “virgin loser” even in her mid-20s, and expressed her expectations about dating.

Son Na-eun said, “Rather than falling in love at first sight, I waited to see if it’s the suitable person. Then I missed the timing, so I couldn’t date at all.”

3. Actress Kim So-hyun

Actress Kim So-hyun, who started acting early as a child actor and has accumulated a solid filmography, also has no dating experience.

Kim Sohyun

Kim So-hyun, who is 24 years old this year, confessed in an interview in the past that she had never escaped from being single before and said, “I think romance in reality is unnecessary because I am acting in romantic genre in my acting works. I’m getting enough emotion from playing in romantic works already,” she confessed.

Kim So-hyun also showed an active attitude, saying, “I don’t feel the need for a relationship, but if I have someone I like, I will confess first.”

4. Singer Chung-ha

Singer Chung-ha, who captivated fans with her beautiful voice and colorful performance, has never had a boyfriend.


In the past, Chung-ha said in a broadcast that she had never had a proper relationship, adding, “I have played tiny games like playing house, but not dating. We just shared text messages for a month,” she said, drawing attention.

Chung-ha, who is 27 years old this year, also drew attention by saying that she is not interested in dating, saying, “I just don’t have any reason to date.”

5. Actress Jin Se-yeon

Actress Jin Se-yeon, who has deer-like eyes, is also a “forever alone” celebrity who has never dated a man.

jin se yeon

In an interview in the past, Jin Se-yeon explained that she has no dating experience, saying, “I always feel like work is more important.”

She also complained that dating seems difficult to her because she has their breakup in mind even before they start dating.

6. Actress Nam Ji-hyun

Actress Nam Ji-hyun, who excited countless male fans with her pure beauty, also has no dating experience.

Nam Jihyun

Nam Ji-hyun, who has acted perfectly in romantic dramas every time, revealed in past interviews that she has been single since birth and confessed, “People around me tell me to go date a lot.”

However, contrary to the recommendations of others, Nam Ji-hyun said she had no rush and compulsion to date yet, making her male fans bitter.

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