5 trendy hairstyles strongly endorsed by Korean stars that cannot be missed

These five hairstyles are strongly endorsed by Korean idols and stars.

Apart from fashion, what’s better way to complement one’s face and beauty than a suitable hairstyle? For this year’s trend, idols and stars are going back to black and other darker hair colors. Instead, they are more focused on styling their hair so that it can suit them the best.

Long, flowy hair with bangs

Short, layered hairstyle

Short, layered hairstyle has never been out of vogue, and Red Velvet Wendy is its No.1 proponent. A layered hairstyle with a short length generates confidence, personality, and a powerful aura. With simple tweaks and the right makeup style, the hairstyle can give the wearer a youthful and sweet look

Retro hairstyle

Another doable trick to switch up appearance is adding curls to one’s hairstyle. For this year, big, “retro” curls are back in trend to add a classic feel to the wearer’s overall image but maintain sweetness and youthfulness. The hairstyle also takes advantage of natural frizziness and the curls usually make one’s face smaller

Shoulder-length layered hairstyle

Shoulder-length layered hairstyle is also trendy this year. A few snips and trims can bring out one’s personality. It will also make one’s face more symmetrical and facial features more harmonious

Straight perm

Straight perm is on trend with Korean stars. While the hairstyle is not one size fits all, the hairstyle can add a modern and classy feel to the wearer. It requires the wearer to maintain a regular care routine, but the end result will be well-worth

Source: K14

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