5 stories about actress Park Eun-bin, who is enjoying her heyday with “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” in the 27th year of her career 

ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which aired its first episode on June 29th, is gaining explosive popularity in Korea and overseas.

Together with the success of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, public interest in actress Park Eun-bin, who plays the main character Woo Young-woo in the drama, is also soaring. Apart from Park Eun-bin’s filmography and appearance fees, her perfect personality, which has been certified by many fellow actors and people in the film industry, is also a hot topic. 

Let’s look through the heartwarming stories about actress Park Eun-bin, who debuted in 1996 as a catalog model for children’s clothes and has been acting for 27 years.

1. She memorizes the names of all staff members, including the youngest staff 

PD Lee Kwang-young of SBS’s 2017 drama “Judge vs. Judge”, starring Park Eun-bin, praised Park Eun-bin’s personality in his interviews with various media outlets. The PD revealed that Park Eun-bin memorized the names of all the staff members, including the youngest person, shortly after the filming process began. He expressed his appreciation for the actress, saying that many staff members were cheered up thanks to her consideration and care on the filming set.  

2. “If the main character actor is sick, the staff will have to work harder and the filming process will be interrupted”

In an old Vlog video uploaded on the Youtube channel of Namoo Actors, Park Eun-bin confessed that she neither went to swimming pools in summer to avoid getting eye disease nor the ski resort in winter because she might get hurt. She developed this habit in order to not affect the drama filming so that it could go smoothly. It is known that she was very careful about taking care of her health while going back and forth between her home and the filming sites during the peak time of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

3. She met a doctor to receive advice before playing Woo Young-woo, a character with autism spectrum disorder, to make sure her acting won’t make disabled people be ridiculed

On June 29th, Park Eun-bin attended the press conference for ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and revealed that she prepared a lot to portray Woo Young-woo, a character with autism spectrum disorder. 

Accordingly, she didn’t imitate the image of autistic people portrayed through various media sites and studied the diagnostic criteria of autism spectrum disorder all by herself. She even went to meet a professor and asked for advice. Park Eun-bin confessed, “I was a little scared wondering if I could portray this character well without hurting anyone”, showing her careful and thoughtful side.

4. She sincerely answers all questions in interviews although some of them might have been repeated several times

Many officials in the entertainment industry agreed that Park Eun-bin has a really strong sense of responsibility. It is because she always tries to give different answers to the question she has been asked by reporters many times during interviews with various media outlets. She once drew keen attention when she said, “Reporters came all the way here to interview me so they should be given something to take home”.

5. She remembered what the staff said and quietly took care of them 

Park Eun-bin always takes good care of her staff. She also impressed many drama staff by giving them surprise gifts. A staff once said she wanted to have the sheep doll in the drama while filming SBS’s “Hot Stove League”. She just said it and didn’t expect to have one but Park Eun-bin later gave her the doll as a gift. 

Source: insight

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