5 Kpop female idols are ‘forced’ to dress too sexy, even though they are underage

Wearing sexy outfits, performing too sexy choreography … all of these have been or are not suitable for the ages of Kpop female idols below.

In Kpop for a long time, there has been a problem that is frequently mentioned but there is no solution: Kpop female idols have to follow the sexy concept despite their young age.  These girls have to wear sexy outfits and perform sexy dances even though they are not old enough, making many netizens worried.  They think that the fact that the companies force these idols to follow the sexy concept at a young age has caused harassment problems with obscene comments in Kpop.

Here are 5 Kpop idols who are said to have been or are being forced by companies to follow a sexy concept despite being underage.


Female Kpop idol born in 2001, Jeon Somi is one of the young female idols but often dresses sexy.  Her advantage is the standard body with impressive body proportions, perhaps that is why she does not hesitate to wear a tight crop-top.  Because Jeon Somi often shows off her body curves at a young age, Jeon Somi often receives criticism from Korean netizens.

jeon somi

Ever since she was a teenager, the center of I.O.I has loved wearing outfits that show off the sexy curves.  Looking at the early mature images on the debut stage with I.O.I, few people believed that Somi was just 16 years old.

At an event in 2016, Somi surprised the audience by wearing a crop-top with sexy shorts.  In addition, she also creates seductive and somewhat erotic photoshoots.  This action was considered by netizens  to be a bit too excessive and unacceptable in teenagers.

5 Kpop female idols are 'forced' to dress too sexy


Tzuyu debuted with Twice when she was only 16 years old.  However, she has many advantages such as beautiful visuals and an attractive body.  Taking advantage of this feature, JYP let Tzuyu follow the sexy concept from the very first days.

5 Kpop female idols are 'forced' to dress too sexy

The most controversial is probably the promotional video that Tzuyu participated in when he was still a junior high school graduate.  In this video, she wears very sexy clothes, dancing very hot choreography.  Netizens were stunned by this advertisement and were outraged when JYP allowed the artist to participate in such an erotic advertisement.

Two styles of clothing associated with Tzuyu’s image are crop top shirts with extremely short pants or skirts.  Now over the age of 18, she is also forced by JYP to wear hotter clothes.

5 Kpop female idols are 'forced' to dress too sexy


Like Tzuyu, Nancy debuted with Momoland when she was only 16 years old.  Also because of her beautiful face and hot body, Nancy was also forced to wear short and tight clothes early on by the company.  In particular, Nancy’s too short pants were a controversial topic.

5 Kpop female idols are 'forced' to dress too sexy

Momoland often chooses skirts or short pants as outfits when going on stage.  Also because wearing such an outfit to show strong dance moves, Nancy also revealed protective pants and caused many offensive images, especially at her very young age.

5 Kpop female idols are 'forced' to dress too sexy

This year Nancy also turns 20, so she can also comfortably wear sexy outfits.  However, it is the outfit that makes the female idol born in 2000 often harassed with many netizen comments.

5 Kpop female idols are 'forced' to dress too sexy


EXID is a girl group with a struggling start before gaining popularity thanks to Hani’s fancam with the song Up & Down.  In 2012, Junghwa became a hot topic on forums when the female idol wore an outfit with a see-through shirt revealing her underwear and short tight shorts on stage.  At this time she was only 17 years old.

5 Kpop female idols are 'forced' to dress too sexy

Although Junghwa is the youngest member of the group, she has a mature appearance.  At the age of 19, Junghwa took pictures for Maxim mgazine – a magazine that specializes in taking pictures of sexy underwear of famous beauties.

5 Kpop female idols are 'forced' to dress too sexy

When Junghwa was 20 years old, she performed the sexy dance in the famous song Up & Down of EXID.  EXID is a group famous for its sexy concept, so Junghwa has been used to taking photos or outfits that are not age-appropriate since debut.

5 Kpop female idols are 'forced' to dress too sexy


Currently, ITZY is a rookie girl group that receives the most attention from Kpop fans.  Among them, Yuna stands out with an impressive visual and a standard body even though she is only 16 years old.  With an admiring height of 1m7 and impressive curves, Yuna even entered the top 10X generation Kpop idols with the most seductive body.

5 Kpop female idols are 'forced' to dress too sexy

Thanks to the advantage of the body, the visual of ITZY usually dresses with a familiar formula of crop top combining super short shorts.  Accompanying sexy performance outfits are accessories that enhance personality charm such as leather boots, choker rings, thigh rings …

5 Kpop female idols are 'forced' to dress too sexy

Although these costumes help to enhance Yuna’s appearance, the fans are still extremely worried.  They hope JYP’s stylist can change the concept because Yuna is still young.  Fans also want her to be protected from harassment.  However, after the case of Tzuyu (Twice), JYP still doesn’t seem to have learned experience in the matter of letting the young idol follow the sexy concept.

5 Kpop female idols are 'forced' to dress too sexy

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