5 attractive points of Son Seok-koo, who reached the peak of his acting career with “The Roundup”

Actor Son Seok-koo’s popularity is extraordinary. He is receiving a lot of love by forming the “Worship couple” with Kim Ji-won in JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes”.

Besides, Son Seok-koo transformed into the strongest villain Kang Hae-sang in the box office hit “The Roundup” and made the audience fall in love with his hot action scenes.

Son Seok-gu

Let’s take a look at some of the attractive points of Son Seok-koo, who has become a “trending actor” that no one can deny through these works.

A manly face represented by single eyelids, sharp jawline and forehead wrinkles

Son Seok-koo is stimulating women’s hearts with his thick eyelid circles and macho-style eyes without double eyelids.

In addition, Son Seok-koo is giving off masculine beauty with his sharp jawline.

Son Seok-gu

The forehead wrinkles that remind us of legendary American actor James Dean are also playing a pivotal role in the attractiveness of Son Seok-koo’s face.

A muscular body built through exercise

Before becoming an actor, Son Seok-koo lived in Canada and dreamed of becoming an athlete.

Son Seok-koo, who likes exercising, has a solid body that makes many men envious.

Son Seok-gu

Even in Kang Hae-sang’s poster released by “The Roundup” recently, Son Seok-koo showed off his upper body with overwhelming muscles and six packs, drawing cheers from the audience.

Sensible daily fashion

Son Seok-koo is known to be interested in fashion.

The key to Son Seok-koo’s style is the use of hats. He is giving appropriate points with various kinds of hats such as beanies and ball caps.

Son Seok-gu

He is completing his “boyfriend look” with a stunning color match of the costumes.

Ability to use “high-level humor”

Son Seok-koo, who is 40 years old this year, is showing his overflowing humor and wit through Instagram.

For example, on April 19th, Son Seok-koo posted a picture of the city bus “Sinchon Transportation” with promotional material for “The Roundup” and made everyone burst into laughter by adding the caption “It’s not ‘Sinchon Transportation’ but ‘The Roundup'”.

Son Seok-gu

A day later, Son Seok-koo gave off pleasantness with the promotional phrase “May is The Roundup Month” that reminds us of “May is Family Month”.

Great acting skills that perfectly pull off any character

Above all, Son Seok-koo’s charm is most evident when he acts.

Son Seok-gu

Son Seok-koo brilliantly portrayed various roles in dramas such as KBS2’s “Matrimonial Chaos”, JTBC’s “Be Melodramatic”, Netflix’s “D.P.” and movies such as “Hit-and-Run Squad”, “Nothing Serious”.

Recently, he has been praised for his wonderful portrayal of two completely different characters in “My Liberation Notes” and “The Roundup”.

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