4th Generation Kpop idols breathe a new life into the fashion fields

These idols are creating a difference in the fashion field with their own individual colors.

Over the years, Korean idols are not only limited to music, acting, or hosting programs, but fashion and advertising are also the main areas they focus on. Following the senior generation, many 4th Gen idols have in turn attempted this field. In particular, with their beauty, aura and talent, they have breathed a new life to fashion, creating a difference with their own individual colors.

Wonyoung and Yujin are one of the most prominent faces of K-pop’s 4th Generation.

One of the most prominent names of the 4th generation is IVE’s Wonyoung. Debuting at a young age, the female idol has achieved many successes from music, hosting to fashion and advertising.

Wonyoung owns admirable 1m1-long legs and a perfect body without any excess fat, and a face with perfect lines, exuding a classy and extravagant aura of a true lady. Therefore, she easily caught the eye of many brands.

Jang Wonyoung
Wonyoung easily caught the eye of many brands.

The female idol is currently the Ambassador of fashion brand Miu Miu. In addition, she has also signed many advertising contracts with Chaumet, Prada, and Kirsh. Besides, Wonyoung recently appeared on the cover of Y Magazine with Bvlgari jewelry.

This has taken fans by surprise because in the past, Bvlgari was associated with the luxurious and powerful aura of Lisa (BLACKPINK), but when Wonyoung wore it, the designs seemed to show a new breeze of extravagance and youth.

Just like her fellow member, Yujin (IVE) is one of the most sought-after idols in the 4th Gen. In an advertising campaign for Chanel Beauty, she brought the dynamism and freshness of youth, which is totally different from the previous luxurious images as well as the delicate feeling that Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Lee Sung Kyung bring.

Recently, Yujin has promoted designs from the famous Versace fashion house. Currently, this fashion giant rarely collaborates with K-pop idols, mostly Chinese stars. However, when challenged with a new role, Yujin also proved her talent and beauty when showing off her physical advantage.

Another prominent name of the 4th gen is Somi. The “mixed-blood angel” has been highly appreciated in the field of fashion and advertising when owning many Ambassador contracts for brands such as Converse, Benetton, and Louis Vuitton.

However, the audience still commented that Somi suits the Saint Laurent fashion house very well. This brand is inherently associated with Rosé (BLACKPINK) with her chic and seductive aura, but Somi added a little slay, modern and attractive side of her Eurasian beauty.

Not only having beautiful beauty, many Gen 4 idols are also loved by the audience for their multi-talented talents and efforts every time they enter a new role. Although they do not have much experience, their youth and individuality have blown a new wind in the fashion and beauty industry.

Many Gen 4 idols are loved by the public not only for their attractive visuals, but also for their talent and hard effort when they begin a new role. Although they do not have much experience, their youth and self expression have blown a new wind in the fashion and beauty industry.

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