4 times BTS made other celebrities shed tears: The last event might be unforgettable to many Kpop idols!

 Not only fans or netizens, even celebrities also shed tears due to BTS’s emotional moments.

 BTS is already a top Kpop group and even considered the biggest group in the world, but the journey they have gone through is not only filled with flowers.  Throughout the years, the group has overcome many challenges, and so they have also brought countless emotional moments to those who have watched them grow.

 BTS fans or netizens have cried many times for the group, but even celebrities have also shed tears because of them. For whatever reason such as their performances or speeches, these are 4 moments when celebrities couldn’t hide their emotions for the Big Hit male group.

 Actress Kim Jung Nan was moved by Jungkook’s passion

 Actress Kim Jung Nan was born in 1971, is a veteran in the Korean film industry. She has participated in many famous dramas such as ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’, ‘Sky Castle’, ‘Crash Landing On You’,… In an episode of Radio Star, Kim Jung Nan revealed that she is a huge fan of BTS.

 After talking more with the hosts, Kim Jung Nan revealed that she once cried because of BTS when attending their concert.  She said at that concert, Jungkook was unable to dance because of his injury. The actress saw BTS’s maknae cry because he could not perform, and this made her cry along with the male idol. Kim Jung Nan shared that she saw Jungkook’s intense passion for standing on stage and it touched everyone.

 Actor Randall Park shed tears because of BTS’s influence 

 Randall Park is an American-Korean actor, famous for his roles in the TV series and such as ‘Fresh Off the Boat’, ‘The Interview’, ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’, ‘Aquaman’ etc… The actor also confirmed that he is a fan of BTS.

 During a guest appearance on ‘The Ellen Show’, Randall Park explained why he had a photo of him crying while watching BTS perform at the Rose Bowl in America. The actor shared, ‘I was really touched by them. At that time I was not a fan of the group but just followed my wife to the concert because she was a fan of BTS.  And when I got there, the Rose Bowl was filled with 90,000 people. The audiences come from many different places, with different backgrounds and ages, but they sang together with Korean singers. ‘

 Lee Daehwi could not hold back tears because of ‘Spring Day’

 In 2017 at the MMA, BTS performed the song ‘Spring Day’.  This is an emotional song with a meaningful message when reminding listeners of the nostalgia for our close ones that we cannot meet again.

 At that time, many netizens were touched to see Lee Daehwi (who was at the time member of Wanna One) with sad expressions, tears and mumbling to the song.  Although no one understood what feelings Daehwi was experiencing at that time, many fans think that perhaps the song touched the male idol’s heart when it reminded him of his father who has passed away.  

 Many Kpop idols cry over BTS’s 2018 MMA speech

 When BTS won the ‘Artist of the Year’ Daesang at MAMA 2018, they delivered a very emotional speech.  During the speech, Jin revealed that they had considered disbanding due to the stress.  After Jin revealed this, many of the members started to shed tears.

 Jin shared, ‘I remember earlier this year, we went through a serious mental crisis.  Even while we were talking, we even discussed the group’s disband.  Luckily we were able to continue to work together and achieve great results.  ”

 This speech touched the hearts of many artists sitting below, especially Park Jihoon, who was a member of Wanna One – the group that was facing a disbandment deadline.  The image of Park Jihoon constantly wiping his tears with his hands made many fans unable to hold back.


 However, Park Jihoon was not the only idol who burst into tears because of BTS that day.  Other idols such as some members Wanna One, Oh My Girl, or Sunmi also showed a lot of emotional expressions.

 Do you have a moment where BTS moved you to tears?  Please share with us.

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