4 most promising K-drama actresses of the new generation (ft. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Kim Sejeong, and more)

With their beauty and talent, these rising K-drama actresses are expected to achieve even more success in the future. 

1. Kim Sejeong

Although she started out as an idol, Kim Sejeong has been taking on major acting roles for 5 years. She recently enjoyed great popularity as she starred as the female lead in the viral drama “Business Proposal”. It is no exaggeration to say that Kim Sejeong is currently one of the most successful idol-turned actresses. Her acting is so natural that many viewers don’t even know she first debuted as an idol. With her captivating beauty and ability to transform into different characters, Kim Sejeong promises to leave a stronger impression with her future roles. 

2. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

Although she only landed her first lead role in “Snowdrop” recently (prior to “Snowdrop”, she only had cameo appearances), BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has proved herself to be a promising K-drama star. Jisoo’s innocent, delicate and ethereal appearance even reminds many fans of the iconic goddess Son Ye Jin. Currently, the audience is highly anticipating Jisoo’s comeback as an actress. 

3. Bona (WJSN) 

Despite only taking on a supporting role in “Twenty Five, Twenty One”, Bona still shines with both her lovely visuals and good acting performance. Bona is another name in this list that started her career as an idol, but her appearance is said to exude the aura of an actress. Her acting has also earned much praise. Therefore, Bona is expected to enjoy more fame as an actress in the future. 

4. Lee Se Young

Lee Se Young began acting at a very young age and made a name for herself as a pretty and talented child actress. However, after growing up, she only got her big break recently thanks to her exceptional portrayal of the female lead in “The Red Sleeve”. Her traditional beauty and impressive acting skills are what make Lee Se Young capture the viewers’ hearts. 


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